Afternoon of Reflection

Afternoon of Reflection 1

I have a routine of creating three to four big targets every 10 years. I normally do plenty of reflecting, and predict what sort of adventure I can compose for myself for the next decade. I began doing this after I turned 30. I do believe this is because the initial two decades of my life were at the mercy of others in damaging, sad, and awful ways. After I broke free from my perpetrators, I recognized that I own my life, and I’m able to determine exactly who I ought to be. That insight and freedom have now been an unwavering drive for my life as early as the age of 22.

Due to this latest birthday, I’m now (as my good friend wonderfully described it the other night) within the mid-afternoon of my lifespan. Now, with that mid-afternoon sunlight glistening lightly on my face, I began to reflect: Did my desire for creating, conversing and trying to de-stigmatize coping with PTSD help other people? What were the influence on myself for studying, growth, and change? How do I keep on being a support to this society of survivors as I embark along a separate fork in the road?

While I was reflecting, I remembered a terrific talk written by Arthur Brooks during the Ideas Aspen Festival. In a very quick overview, his four tips had been:

“don’t rage against change, teach others what you know, take away the parts of you that aren’t really you, and surround yourself with love.”

Afternoon of Reflection 2

I’ve ceased raging with changes years ago. l admire that change is existence. All aspects are temporary, like the emotions I experience when a change takes place. I have chosen to take away the aspects of me that weren’t genuine, and undoubtedly surround myself with affection. My kids want me to relax more; to unwind, to stop being so determined and hard on myself. I overheard them; it landed, and I’ll be even more conscious with regards to the message I’m giving myself after the damaging self-talk attempts to creep in.

As I spend time and look deep within my spirit mirror, I do believe this can be a time of profound personal development, a little more rest, and loads of self-validation. I’m looking towards manifestation in the mid-afternoon. There’s a lot of sunlight left, and the night is still many decades away.

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