Changing the metaphor of my healing journey

Changing the metaphor of my healing journey 1

For the first 8 years that I was dealing with intense treatment, I and my therapist utilized the metaphor that I was hiking a mountain. I did not understand how unstable, unsafe, and massive that mountain range would become. It had been a powerful and tiring climb to ease and attempt to snap the grip of tyrannical mental and emotional suffering. Ultimately, after summiting countless peaks I discovered I’d descended to the opposite side. I stood there, surveying what I had achieved and started walking along the trail. Appreciating the process I had just experienced, I knew that utilizing the metaphor of hiking a mountain was ideal for me at the time.

Over the past 12 years, I’ve been including acupuncture therapy into my self-care, and to help me regulate my PTSD problems. Whenever I was going through the toughest of handling my trauma and felt fatigued and helpless, I remember my acupuncturist suggesting to me, “For years, you have been running from the tiger through the woods with a broken leg. Now you are in the meadow, the tiger is pacing far from you, and your caregivers are standing like sentries, guarding you as you rest and heal.” I won’t overlook when he revealed that in my experience. I felt protected, and that I was shielded from the concern with telling the truth, from believing the lie that the truth should always continue being buried. His support that day advised me to believe the process and carry on the climb, now with an additional image of lying in a field, protected against the tiger.

I have already been on my curing journey for 10 years. I will no longer see the counselor that I ascended the metaphorical mountain range with. He took me as far as might go, and our healing relationship ended over 2 yrs ago. I’ve been visiting a new counselor over the past 16-months and it’s been a fantastic experience. She’s trained me in ways of approval and self-empathy that I in no way dreamt would ever be feasible. It turned out the next phase I needed to accept, and the path of my recovery has been astonishing.

I just experienced an extremely tough Spring. It will happen; the causes will get the better of me and pull me down for some time until I get my footing. Whenever I wanted some confidence my therapist advised me (as she has frequently done the past 16 or so months) that I had effectively battled the tiger and won. She has been advising me for more than a year, that I’m a soldier, a deity who rests on the tiger and rides it with pride. I’d never informed her about my acupuncturist and the tiger metaphor he utilized all of those years ago simply because she was utilizing it in another way. Her words and visuals are totally different. The tiger is my friend and offers me with the power I require. I can sit on it and unwind with my white lotus flowers in my arms, and exhale breaths of security.

My recovery process has been an amazing test of discomfort, anxiety, fatigue, and strength. It’s enjoyable for me to realize that the metaphors I use to assist me to heal have changed in the process. Each metaphor, and visual supplying me with the things I require to live my life with courage, and resilience.

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